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We love our patients...and love that our patients love us back!

Everyone treated us SO well, including the front desk, dental assistants, Dr. Dave and billing! Definitely worth the drive from Farmington to go to a pediatric dental office that is more concerned with their patients than anything else. My ...4 year old son, Beau, has never done well with dental visits, but loved Dr. Dave and his assistant, April. He called her "the red suit dentist" and decided he wanted to "marry her and keep her forever." I'd say that's a pretty successful visit :)


- Crossno Family

Absolutely love love love this place! Not only is this a very upkept office, but the staff are amazing! Your child and yourself will feel right at home! Feel free to get comfy on the designer sofa and watch a show or play a game with the little ones in the game room! There's plenty of sitting whether you want a couch or recliner!


The waiting time is not what you'd expect when going to any others..they are quick to get you in! While in the back its another warm area that's full of friendliness! Definitely will not seem to be at the dentist! Warm colors and great design that again feels like home!


They interact with the children as their own to make every visit one to not be afraid to return but to surprisingly enough a child will almost look forward to their next visit. (So mine does anyways and he's 4) in the back there are private waiting rooms for families with again beautiful decor and another waiting room with a glass to see through at your child if that is the choice given, depending on procedure.


During our cleanings its a given they allow ya to sit and be with your child as he/she kicks backs to watch a lil t.v. of their favorite show. If its not a favorite they will try to find another option of favorites! Dr. Lawrence will give your child the same treatment as he would his own!


Can't say enough good things of him! As your child is done with their dental care, a token is give and a reward is to them,of choice what they want out of the several coin machines. Bag of teeth goodies are issued and hugs to us before we leave and SMILES is what we leave with!!!!! Pay a will see!


- Tracy

There is no way I can tell you how much our family appreciate Dr. Tim Lawrence and his staff.  Nicole is very lucky to have you as her dentist!   Thank you for everything!


- Aaron, Cheryl, & Nicole

Just left from Kynady's first appointment and am so pleased. Friendliest staff ever. :) thank you all.


- Julie

We want to thank Dr. Ciesla and the staff at River Valley Pediatric Dentistry for the care they provided to our son! We appreciate you all more than you will ever know!


- The Herell Family

I was dreading taking my 2 1/2 year old to the dentist and the doctors and staff made it such a fun and positive experience for us all. She now says she loves the dentist and they are all nice.


- Ariane Hooten

We are blessed to have River Valley Pediatric Dentistry in our lives. Courteous and warm staff, knowledgable and kind dentists. Everyone there truley makes going to the dentist a calm and enjoyable event. THANK YOU for everything!


- Miranda Luke