Building Generations of Healthy Smiles

About the Practice at RVPD

The RVPD office was created as a facility to provide the best in dental healthcare for generations to come.


While we created our building to be an asset to the community, we also did so with the thought that it would facilitate the very best in dental care to every child that we serve. We utilize the best technology available, and will continue to do so. We have a built-in game room, lab, and several entertainment options along with a parental waiting room that allows you to observe your child privately as they receive their care. All of these provisions and amenities allow us to nurture your child’s oral care until they reach adulthood.

Our Philosophy


Few things in life so fundamentally affect our outlook and perceptions as a simple smile. When your smile is something you feel good about it becomes contagious and more often shared.  And when a smile is shared, it carries with it a great gift that provides others something to smile about as well.


At River Valley Pediatric Dentistry we take this fundamental truth as something to be passionate about. It is our great pleasure to help nurture the gift of a healthy smile at the earliest part of your child’s development. The knowledge that this gift will be shared for a lifetime, only strengthens our commitment to provide the best care possible.


We are pleased that you have chosen us to provide dental care for your child. Our pediatric dental practice is focused on meeting the oral healthcare needs of infants, children, adolescents and persons with special needs.


Our philosophy is to reflect the character of God in every aspect of our business. We are dedicated to providing excellent pediatric dental care for our family of patients in a safe, fun and positive environment. We will continue to enhance our technical and relational abilities in order to offer a uniquely rewarding and valuable experience for our patients and team.


Dr. Lawrence and Dr. Ciesla received specialized education in pediatric dentistry, completing a two year residency in addition to their four years of dental school. Our entire staff is well trained in children’s dentistry. We have a combined total experience of 30 years in doctor treatment and over 250 years in employee staff experience.

Leading Edge


River Valley Pediatric Dentistry has the area’s most up-to-date, leading-edge technology and equipment. We are always keeping track of the newest techniques and information in the field of pediatric dentistry so that we can give our patients the best possible treatment and care.