Providing Gentle & Thorough Dental Treatment for Your Child's First Visit

The First Visit

New patients can expect to be greeted warmly by our friendly and fun staff.


Most first visits consist of a routine exam and cleaning. (X-Rays will only be given as needed on a case by case basis.) Then Dr. Tim or Dr. David will discuss any additional plan of treatment needed to give your child the healthiest and happiest smile they can have!


New Patient Sign Up


Our clinic follows the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s guidelines and recommends that your child’s first visit to the dentist be no later than the child’s first birthday.


We attempt to initiate your child into a lifelong positive attitude of the dentist. For young children it is often necessary for the parent to assist in the initial examination of your child. During the first visit, a thorough dental examination, including necessary diagnostic X-Rays, will be completed. If no problems are found, the teeth will be cleaned. If further treatment is indicated, we will explain to you where the potential problems are located and recommend the necessary treatment.

Preparing Your Child


A child’s first dental office experience influences his or her attitude toward dental care and oral health into adulthood. Therefore, it is important to establish positive feelings about "going to the dentist."

Our entire staff is dedicated to providing thorough and gentle dental treatment. We work to make dental treatment as pleasant as possible. We also need your support in helping to make your child’s dental experience a satisfying one. Our clinic emphasizes the positive aspects of regular dental care and a healthy mouth. Tell your child that going to the dentist is an important part of growing up and staying healthy. Avoid projecting any fears that you might have about dental treatment. Instead, expect your child to react well and they probably will.  Kindness is the best tool we can use to start your child on the road to a lifetime of good dental health. If your child is afraid, be reassuring, though young children may cry when faced with unfamiliar situations. Working together, we can overcome any apprehension your child may have.

X-Rays (Radiographs)


We take only those radiographs necessary for a complete diagnosis of your child’s dental health.  Generally, cavity detecting x-rays are made annually. An x-ray of the complete mouth (Panorex) is usually taken around the age of six. This is to determine if your child has any pathology, missing or extra teeth, and predict future eruption problems.


Future Panorex x-rays will be taken depending on the child’s needs, approximately every 3-5 years. We take all necessary precautions to reduce radiation risk to your child including the use of a lead apron, collimated x-ray machine, and the use of the latest digital x-ray technology.



Historically, fluoride has reduced cavities by 25%- 50%. Under proper care and instruction, fluoride has been proven to be safe and effective. Our office strongly recommends the use of fluoride to prevent cavities and strengthen the enamel. Depending on your child’s level of cooperation, we may recommend a fluoride treatment at each dental visit.  However, if you object to the use of fluoride, please inform our staff, so that we can honor your decision.